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Clinical Research

From major breakthroughs to small-but-important changes in treatment and therapies, the health care you receive is always improving. These improvements often come from clinical research.

Regional Health Clinical Research provides all-inclusive research coordination and study management services for Phase I-IV clinical research studies. Our services range from cost analysis and budget formulation to study management, enrollment, billing, lab and pharmacy, regulatory oversight and reporting. Our staff has over 200 combined years of clinical research experience.

Clinical Research is being conducted in a wide variety of specialty areas. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved in clinical research.

Cardiology Research

Black Hills Cardiovascular Research provides clinical research support for pharmaceutical, device, registry and investigator-initiated trial activity. Heart & Vascular Institute physicians and surgeons have participated in over 250 clinical trials (phase 1-4) in the past 20 years and collectively contributed over 10,000 patient years of clinical data. Participating physician investigators are reimbursed for their time and responsibility through RVU compensation.

Through clinical research, the community has access to treatments and devices before they are commonly available. When a new treatment is approved, physicians use clinical trial experience to quickly move innovations into standard practice.

There are currently 45 active trials and over 600 active participant volunteers.

Call (605) 755-4326 if you are interested in any of our clinical trials.

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Cancer Care Research

The physicians at the Cancer Care Institute are members of the North Central Cancer Treatment Group, the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, and the Gynecologic Oncology Group. These memberships, and our affiliations with other major study groups, give area patients the chance to participate in research funded by the National Cancer Institute. Additional clinical trial research opportunities are available through partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies.

Call (605) 755-2300 if you are interested in any of our clinical trials.

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Clinical Research

Regional Health Clinical Research (RHCR) provides research services for a wide range of therapeutic areas for Phase II – IV clinical trials. RHCR provides support to inpatient, outpatient, surgical services, rehab, and a wide variety of specialty services.

For more information contact, Regional Health Clinical Research at (605) 755-3982

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Types of Studies Conducted

  • Treatment studies to improve the standard of care
  • Prevention studies to look for better ways to prevent disease
  • Diagnostic and screening studies designed to find better ways to detect diseases
  • Pharmaceutical trials to advance medical treatment
  • Cardiac device trials
  • Symptom management trials to treat and reduce side effects from cancer treatments

Active Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies conducted with patients to find effective ways to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. They are also used to study the psychological impact of different conditions and help improve patient comfort and quality of life.

Download a list of active trials.

To enroll in a trial, speak to your doctor or contact Regional Health Clinical Research at 605-755-4326 or email


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Patients who take part in clinical trials have a unique opportunity to receive the most advanced care available.

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We provide all-inclusive research services from study start to completion.


Regional Health Clinical Research follows rigorous standards for ethics, quality and protections for human research.

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