Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Top Orthopedic Care

Regional Health Orthopedic specialists are the region’s leading experts in musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, and joints) care, offering advanced technology and cutting-edge techniques to achieve optimal results for each patient. Injuries can occur from repetitive overuse, sudden sports or work-related trauma, or aggravation of an old injury. When you seek the best care for you or your loved ones’ athletic career, job, sports dream (e.g. running that marathon), or desire to return to everyday home and recreational activities, you need cutting-edge orthopedic, sports medicine, and rehabilitation care from the region’s leading musculoskeletal team. 

At Regional Health you will be cared for by a comprehensive team, including orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine & spine rehabilitation specialists, athletic trainers, and therapists who will provide the resources needed to return you to the top of your game and back to work, life, and play. Regional Health provides the region’s most comprehensive, cutting-edge treatments in western South Dakota, including comprehensive concussion & brain injury management, advanced orthopedic surgeries, minimally- invasive image guided injections and procedures, non-surgical spine care, regenerative non-operative and operative orthopedic treatments, and advanced physical medicine and rehabilitation care.
Our sports medicine performance enhancement programs (e.g. golf, cycling, hunting, and youth sports performance camps) and injury prevention programs are aimed at improving every aspect of your sports and recreational performance. That’s why patients from across the Black Hills are choosing Regional Health Orthopedics – an integrated practice with a full array of clinical options to serve elite and professional athletes, weekend warriors, and youth athletes throughout our communities.

Our comprehensive, integrated care includes multiple service areas all coordinated centrally to offer both non-surgical and surgical treatments as medically necessary:

After a thorough evaluation of your injury/condition, you and your specialist will discuss your options and a review a personalized recommendation based on your treatment goals.

Common injury areas treated in orthopedics:


Regional Health’s Concussion team integrates care between multiple disciplines in caring for athletes, workers and all members of the communities we serve that incur head trauma leading to traumatic brain injury/concussion. 

Our concussion team is comprised of a medical director, specialists in primary care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and Sports medicine in addition to neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, neuropsychologists and emergency and urgent care providers.

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The elbow is a commonly used joint for day to day activities, and can be susceptible to both acute trauma and chronic over-use injuries.

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Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle injuries are a common cause of musculoskeletal pain, and can result in decreased function, disability, and chronic pain if not properly treated. If your foot or ankle stops functioning properly, it can prevent you from participating in sport or even limit your daily activities, such as walking or prolonged standing. In addition to sports-related injuries and fracture care of the foot and ankle, our specialists perform minimally-invasive ankle arthroscopy and cartilage restoration procedures.   

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Hand and Wrist 

The hand and wrist are prone to several types of damage including fracture, pain and tendon injury.

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Hip Pain & Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is an increasingly recognized disorder that has been implicated as a cause of hip pain, decreased function, and development of osteoarthritis.  It is characterized by an abnormal anatomic relationship between the acetabulum and proximal femur, resulting in altered biomechanics and contact pressures about the hip joint.

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The knee is a commonly injured joint that can result in significant pain and disability.  An injury can occur from an acute event, such as a sporting activity, or symptoms can arise from chronic overuse. We treat a wide range of knee injuries, including:

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Disorders of the shoulder are a common condition that affect many people, regardless of age or activity level. Shoulder pain can arise from within the shoulder joint itself, or any of the surrounding muscles, ligaments, or tendons.  The shoulder offers the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, and can be subject to significant forces during activities that require use of the upper extremity.  If you injure your shoulder from an acute trauma or experience symptoms from chronic overuse, this can lead to significant pain and disability that impacts your daily life, ability to work, or ability to participate in activities you enjoy.   

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Spine (Neck and Back)

Our care team of expert sports & spine medicine specialists, physiatrists, neurosurgeons, pain medicine providers, and physical therapists use the latest technology and expertise, ensuring you receive the most effective and advanced treatments available to treat all types of back, neck, spine, and spine-related disorders—from the more common to the most complex. We conduct spine evaluations to help our patients determine the best treatment possibilities for their individual conditions.

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