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Intensive Care Unit

Regional Health’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cares for patients with critical medical needs and those who have recently experienced a major surgery or trauma. The goal of intensive care is to help you recover and return to a previous or improved state of health. The ICU is equipped with specialized medical equipment and bedside monitoring. Often, nurses will care for just one or two patients at a time.

Our intensive care doctors have completed advanced training in intensive care medicine. Our ICU nurses have experience and training in caring for critically ill and injured patients. They work with therapists, dietitians, pharmacists and others to ensure patients’ needs are met in terms of treatment, care and comfort. They also provide invaluable support to loved ones.

As you get better, you may be transferred to another room with a reduced level of care. In this case, your new caregivers will work closely with your ICU providers to ensure a seamless transition. Additionally, you new care team will always have access to a written plan that includes:

  • A summary of your care and treatment while you were in the ICU
  • A monitoring plan to make sure you continue to recover
  • A plan for ongoing treatment
  • Details of your physical and psychological rehabilitation needs

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If you have any questions about your time in the intensive care unit, do not hesitate to ask your doctors or caregivers.

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