About Your Hospital Bill

As your community health care system, we are committed to providing comprehensive quality health care to you and your family. We want you to be informed about the billing policies, procedures and services available to you.

Processing Your Bill

A Regional Health employee may contact you prior to hospital admission to review your current insurance coverage, the projected cost of the services, and the expected amount for which you will be personally responsible.

When appropriate you may be asked to pay for delivery of services prior to or while you are in the hospital. This includes deductibles and/or co-pay amounts.

Treatment plans might change from the time of admission and your discharge from the hospital. Please note that charges might be added to your account after you are discharged.

How is my bill processed?

If you have insurance coverage, we will file your claim to your insurance carrier after you have received health care services. When your claim is sent to your insurance company, a patient bill is also sent to you.

When will I receive my statement?

As a convenience to you, we will not send your billing statements until your insurance company has processed your claim and there is a balance due. The balance will include co-pays and/or deductibles and/or non-covered charges.