Like mother, like daughter, like sister in Spearfish

Apr 16, 2019

From left, Candace Overby, Marci Overby, LaVonne Dietrich, Crystal Hoyt, Arica Overby and Nancy Litschewski.

Not many people can say they work right down the hall from their mother or mother-in-law. But in Spearfish, Medical Assistant Arica Overby and Registered Nurses Crystal Hoyt and Marci Overby are exceptions. Crystal works at the medical clinic on North Avenue, and her mother, LaVonne Dietrich, works down the hall in Patient Services at Spearfish Hospital. Marci and her mother Candy, a radiology assistant, often work side-by-side at Orthopedics. Also at Orthopedics is Arica, Candi's daughter-in-law (Marci's sister-in-law).

If you're not confused yet, there's one more. Arica’s mother, Nancy Litschewski, works in admissions at Spearfish Hospital. Nancy is LaVonne’s sister-in-law, which makes her Crystal’s aunt (and means Arica and Crystal are cousins).

“Someone might see my mom at the hospital first, then come to Orthopedics and see me before getting an X-ray with Candy. Once they see Marci at the desk on the way out they realize ‘Hey, you all work here!’” said Arica.

Candy, Marci and Arica draw clear boundaries between their work and their personal lives. “From day one we’ve had the understanding that we are Marci, Candy and Arica at work,” said Marci. Describing what it’s like to work alongside her mother, Marci said jokingly, “well, we work together from eight to five during the week, and sometimes I go to her house for dinner. Then on the weekends we go to Arica’s kids’ soccer games and also go to church together. Then we go back to work on Monday. It’s like that.”

While the boundaries are very clear during work hours, Crystal noted that there is something really special about working in such close proximity to your mom. “If I’m having a difficult day, I can walk down the hall and give my mom a hug. Working in health care, we know we can’t talk about what’s going on, but that’s okay; she knows I’m having a bad day and I don’t need to explain anything.”

Crystal, Arica and Marci agreed they were nurturers from the very beginning. As teens, all three participated in a program that allowed high school students to be trained as EMTs and ride in the ambulance during calls. Now that they’re all grown up, all three women and their mothers appreciate the ability to work with patients in a smaller community like Spearfish. “You’re literally treating your neighbors, family and friends,” said Arica. She added that “sometimes it adds a level of comfort for the patient to realize they’re being cared for by a family they know.”

Those connections can be very helpful, according to Nancy. “Most people are at the hospital because something is wrong. If someone recognizes me or if I can make someone smile before they leave, I’m having a good day.” From a business office standpoint, LaVonne said she enjoys the opportunity to put people in a better mood. “These are my neighbors. I’m going to leave them with a smile.”

It's pretty evident that this family loves to smile and laugh, both in and outside of work. And they’re helping patients in Spearfish do the same.