Regional Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy

Regional Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy specializes in the pharmacy care of chronic, rare or complex conditions that require specialty medications. Specialty medications typically require special handling, administration or monitoring beyond that which a traditional retail pharmacy can provide.

We primarily serve two groups — patients who need specialty medications to manage their condition and the physician/prescribers who care for them.

By choosing Regional Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy, patients will have access to the specialty medications they need, as well as routine prescriptions, all in one location. Patients also have support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (605) 755-3065 or 1-855-215-5296.

Regional Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy is the only pharmacy of its kind in western South Dakota. We are a department of Regional Health, which means our pharmacy team is connected to your team of physicians, nurses and medical specialists in coordinating your care.

Regional Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy is a member of the ExceleraRx Corp., a national network of specialty pharmacies based at health systems. Formed in 2012, ExceleraRx Corp. network consists of point-of-care based specialty pharmacies owned by health systems and academic medical centers. The network provides members nationally scaled infrastructure and support to help them gain access to limited-distribution drugs and restrictive payor agreements so members can provide continuity of care for their patients with complex conditions who require specialty drugs. Limited distribution drugs are medications that are distributed to either one or a very limited number of pharmacies. Having access to these important treatments enables Home+ Specialty Pharmacy to ensure the highest quality of patient care.