Patient Appointment Center

Patient Appointment Center

Your physician/health care provider will make your initial appointment with the Patient Appointment Center staff. If for some reason, you are not able to keep your appointment, or it's necessary to change your appointment date or time, please call us at 755-7100.

Rescheduling some appointments may require you to contact your physician/health care provider. Our staff will direct you as necessary. Our staff is not able to make an appointment for you without having a copy of your physicians's order in our department.

Contact Us:

Patient Appointment Center:
(605) 755-7100

Scheduling Line Open:
7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Closed Saturday, Sunday & holidays

Outpatient Appointment Scheduling Process

Regional Health is implementing a new outpatient scheduling process through RCRH Patient Appointment Center. This process change will benefit our patients and facilities by decreasing rework and standardizing insurance authorizations to decrease denials and penalties.

All electronic and paper orders will require CPT codes, ICD-10 codes and insurance authorization if required by the patient's insurance plan. The authorization (if required) will need to be completed before the appointment is scheduled. If your current ordering process is not from an EMR system please utilize the new Outpatient Service Order Form. We will not accept any other forms.


The new Outpatient Order Form replaces any current paper order forms. If you currently schedule appointments utilizing a paper form, this form must be completed. If you utilize electronic orders you do not need to use this form.


If you have questions, please contact Sarah Hartwig, System Director for Patient Access, at 644-4253 or the Patient Appointment Center.