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Five Checkpoints for Successful Continuous Improvement

Jun 22, 2017

Make it meaningful Are you familiar with the term alert fatigue? As healthcare professionals, we hear of it often in...

Six Dimensions of Personal Wellness

Jun 20, 2017

Being well means something different to each of us. That’s what makes it personal. Our personal wellness journey often...

Dr. Hermann Reflects on SDSMA Presidency

Jun 20, 2017

Longtime Sturgis family medicine physician H. Thomas Hermann, M.D., recently ended his one-year term as president of...

Growing Your Professional Network Part 1: Intentional Connection

Jun 15, 2017

Professional networking is focused on intentionally connecting with individuals and groups for the mutual purpose of...

Three Ways to Kickstart Your Personal Development

Jun 13, 2017

You have probably read articles online or heard your leaders talk about the importance of personal development, but...

Winning Heart Care Team Pulls Hiker through Forest of Worries

Jun 07, 2017

Ray Formanek pulled a muscle days after returning home from quintuple heart bypass surgery. He overextended himself...