John T. Vucurevich Regional Cancer Care Institute

The John T. Vucurevich Regional Cancer Care Institute (CCI) receives funds which can be used for equipment, related programs (informational and educational), facilities improvement, or patient services as needed. This is also to fund public awareness, screening and early detection activities. Funds are available for equipment and patient comfort/convenience items related to oncology specialties served outside the radiation and medical oncology outpatient facility.

John T. Vucurevich Regional
Cancer Care Institute Patient Assist

The Patient Assist the Hand in Healing fund is accessed primarily by the CCI Social Worker using a voucher system for CCI patients, primarily those who are traveling to Rapid City for cancer treatment, with financial needs such as money for accommodations, transportation and food during their treatment. The fund may also provide payment for services not provided by research studies or for equipment specifically needed for studies, approved in advance by research staff members and/or CCI Social Worker.

Please send your donations to:

Regional Health Foundation
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Rapid City, SD 57709
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