Hospice House Services

Hospice House Program

A quiet, peaceful room with families gathered, some one-on-one in quiet corners, others in a warm Great Room in front of the fire, and on nice days some will wheel a bed out to the private patio or deck in the sun or cool shade. The beds have quilts and the furniture is welcoming to all.

The Setting...

The Sounds... Music is part of the day, a quiet background to vigils being sat. Occasionally a favorite song is played on the piano in the Great Room. Personal favorites are played in the patients' rooms—nature sounds, spiritual music, country western, big band.

The Smells... A hospice volunteer has just pulled some cookies from the oven for an afternoon snack, there's the smell of evergreen trees on the patio, and hospice patients have an aura of freshness from a spa bath and lotion aides have applied.

The People... The companionship of friends and family spill throughout the area. There are tears, but also much laughter as special stories and photos are shared. Countless cups of coffee are consumed and the friendships borne of similar heartaches bond. The hospice nurse provides skilled care and monitoring; the aide gives careful and compassionate personal care. A hospice chaplain and community ministers bring prayer, music and burdens shared. A hospice social worker stops by to meet with families, help them find resources available, and provide family counseling. The hospice volunteer is there to listen, to take someone outside on a nice day, to witness the love for the lives led.

This is a Hospice House... a structure that serves as the HOME for those in their last weeks of life—filled with sights, smells and comforts of love. Most Hospice of the Hills patients will continue to be cared for in their own homes scattered throughout Pennington, Custer and Fall River counties, but for those who can not or do not choose to be in their own homes, the HOSPICE HOUSE is a place of love, a place of comfort and rest as they make their journeys.

When people enter this world, we do our best to surround them with love, comfort and caring. Shouldn't we do the same for people as they leave this world?

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