Cardiac Services Fund

Cardiac Rehabilitation Goals:

  • Identify, modify, and manage risk factors to reduce disability, disease progression, and mortality. Improve functional capacity and quality of life
  • Educate patients about the management of heart disease
  • Alleviate and/or lessen activity-related symptoms

Your donation will enable the Cardiac Rehabilitation program to enhance existing programs, services or equipment in the area of Cardiac Rehabilitation. Your gifts may also be used for new equipment, related information and educational programs, facilities improvement, or patient services. This program will also help fund public awareness, screening and early detection activities.

Through exercise and education programs in a group setting, Cardiac Rehabilitation patients find friendship, inspiration and a sense of community. One person can make a difference and influence the course of human events.

Please choose to support our efforts—
to make hearts grow stronger!

Please send your donations to:
Cardiac Services Fund
Regional Health Foundation
P.O. Box 6000
Rapid City, SD 57709
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