Patient Stories

“Everything in life is getting good and the future is bright. It feels really good to feel like myself again.”

Ashley's Story

For years, Ashley had a daily battle with knee pain. Simple things like driving, moving her leg or crawling into bed were difficult.

“Last summer my kids and I hiked M Hill, and I could only make it maybe halfway up because my knee started hurting,” Ashley said.
Her pain continued despite seeing a number of physicians and undergoing a couple of different surgeries. Then she met Dr. Travis Menge, who took the time to really listen to her issues.

It’s rare, she said, “To have someone who took the time and listened. What do you think? What’s your opinion?”

Together they came up with a treatment plan.

“He had a different solution for me other than knee replacement, which was what everyone wanted me to do,” Ashley said. A few weeks later, Dr. Menge performed a new and relatively rare procedure that realigned the mechanics of her knee, enabling Ashley to avoid knee replacement at such a young age.

Today, Ashley is happy to have her life back.

“It almost makes me want to cry,” she said, “because it was a seven-year battle.”

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Cody's Story...

During an ATV excursion while on a family vacation in the Black Hills, Cody sustained a life-threatening head injury. He was lying unconscious on his back, the ATV overturned several feet away, when the Lead-Deadwood Regional Hospital ambulance team arrived.

“When Joe Reiter, one of our senior paramedics, and I received this 911 call, we both knew how critical this case was,” said Operational Manager of the EMS Division Roy Goben. “We were able to stabilize Cody for the flight crew transfer to Rapid City Regional Hospital.”

Once Cody arrived, he was taken into surgery and spent 23 days in the surgical intensive care unit. He was then transferred to a rehabilitation facility for additional care and today is on the road to a full recovery.

“We are very fortunate overall and I am very grateful for the excellent care I received from the Lead-Deadwood ambulance team and at Rapid City Regional Hospital,” said Cody. “Everything in life is getting good and the future is bright. It feels really good to feel like myself again.”

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